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safety-womanAs a leading provider of safety services, we take pride in offering the best in equipment and highly trained personnel. Wellpoint is a highly responsive and vibrant safety company that offers a full range of services in the safety, wellness and environmental fields. Serving Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and the Territories we are ready to provide you with high quality services wherever your projects may be.

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Workplace Safety Solutions

safetyAll employers are legally obligated to comply with Federal, Provincial and Regional Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Wellpoint offers onsite safety professionals that act as your health and safety manager, coordinator, and representative to your business stay compliant. Our Safety Specialists provide onsite safety resources/consultation supplementing and providing flexible resources, expertise and support to HR, operations and safety departments.


Our Team’s Expertise is in the Following Areas:

  • We can assist our clients by assessing the current state of their health and safety programs.
  • Advise and assist with in the establishment and administration of policies, standards and procedures for sustainable onsite safety programs.
  • We can develop, implement, and measure the effectiveness of a customized and integrated health and safety management system in alignment with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
  • Provide technology solutions and sustainable tools taking the burden off paper-based programs.
  • We can develop customized health and safety policies, procedures, safe work instructions, forms, and checklists.
  • We assist clients in meeting their legal obligations in the occupational health safety act and applicable regulations.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act and the applicable Regulations.
  • Our Safety professionals conduct comprehensive Workplace Inspections to identify unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, and non-compliance with the OHSA and Regulations.
  • We provide generic or customized training programs.
  • Facilitation of Joint Health and Safety Committee, First aid and incident management and emergency programs (Violence, Pandemic Planning).
  • Assist with incident investigations and critical injuries or assist in meeting orders and requirements of Ministry of Labour Inspectors.
  • Assist with WSIB Work Well, COR/SECOR Audits, OHS Inspections, IS NETWORLD and COMPLYWORKS.
  • Produce safety statistics, analysis and trending related to safety program performance.

Safety Program Development:

The following is a list of some of the safety programs that may be developed and implemented based on client need:

  • EHS Program Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Health and safety training\safety talks
  • Facilitation of Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings
  • Introduction/update of Industrial hand washing and ergonomic programs
  • Fire and emergency & violence prevention programs
  • Propose and develop Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • Provide assistance with Safety Groups Programs, Liaise with government officials

Safety Program Auditing:

The safety auditing process can help identify areas of opportunity and develop specific programs that will help eliminate risk:

  • Legislative Compliance Reviews
  • Site safety inspections and Gap analysis
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Management Systems Program conformance
  • Accident and near miss investigations
  • Preparation/ assistance with Workwell, COR/SECOR Audits

NEER Statement Review:

The NEER statement review is a service to look for potential cost saving opportunities with our clients current WSIB’s claims.

  • Review RTW/claims management opportunities
  • Cost relief possibilities
  • Review claim trends for program development and risk reduction opportunities

On-Call Support:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • MOL/legal authority inspections
  • Injury investigations support
  • Employee Work Refusal Assistance
  • On-call Medical Control

Access to Technology:

  • Provide user friendly tools to ensure program sustainability:
  • EHS communications
  • Online forms/training
  • Mobile applications
  • Email compliance updates

Safety Services

  • Fire/ Shower Combo Units
  • MTC’s and Ambulances operated by OFA Level 3 (BC), Primary Care Paramedics (BC), Advanced Care Paramedics (BC), Emergency Medical Responders (AB & BC), EMTs (AB), EMT-Paramedics (AB)
  • All MTCs and Ambulances are compliant with Transport Canada’s Rollover Protection allowing transportation of patients on all roads
  • Safety / H2S Supervision for Wellhead and Industrial Based Work
  • Safety for Confined Space Entries
  • Stand-Alone Decontamination Showers
  • Safety Training Courses – Enform H2S Alive, Global Ground Disturbance, Red Cross’s Standard First Aid and CPR Level A, C and HCP, OSSA Fall Protection, OSSA Confined Space Entry and Monitor, and OSSA Regional Orientation. CSTS, PST and PCST are also available online.
  • Occupational Testing
  • Health & Safety Audits (COR & SECOR)
  • Safety Program Development

We are available 24/7 to mobilize

Firefighting Services & Related ERP Services

Our Fire Trucks Are As Follows:

  • Spartan Cab Over Single Axle Unit
  • Carries Four Cubes of Potable Water
  • 1500 GPM Fire Pump
  • 160 Litres of AFFF – Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate
  • 250 lbs of truck mounted – Purple K Dry Chemical
  • 3 x 30 lbs portable Fire Extinguishers
  • 3 x Emergency Eye Wash Stations

Whether your project is small or large, our team of experts can provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done safely and on-time. Our track record for consistency, professionalism, and fair pricing make Wellpoint a first choice for safety services.


Fort St John, BC – Medic, Fire, Shower, Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing (Mobile), Hearing Testing (Mobile), Mask Fit Testing (Mobile).

Grande Prairie, AB – Medic, Fire, Shower, Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing (Mobile), Hearing Testing (Mobile), Mask Fit Testing (Mobile).

Lac La Biche, AB – Medic, Fire, Shower, Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing (Mobile & OnSite), Hearing Testing (Mobile & OnSite), Mask Fit Testing (Mobile & OnSite).

Fort Saskatchewan, AB – Medic, Fire, Shower, Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing (Mobile & OnSite), Hearing Testing (Mobile & OnSite), Mask Fit Testing (Mobile & OnSite).

Rocky Mountain House, AB – Medic, Fire, Shower, Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing (Mobile)

Red Deer, AB – Medic, Fire, Shower, Training, Drug & Alcohol Testing (Mobile), Hearing Testing (Mobile), Mask Fit Testing (Mobile).

Saskatoon, SK – Drug & Alcohol Testing, Occupational Health.

Regina, SK – Drug & Alcohol Testing, Occupational Health.