Health and safety programs need to address the whole person. The  mental and emotional health of employees is critical to their wellness and engagement! That’s why at Wellpoint we have specific supports for our return to work programs and we offer targeted training for the workplace.

Disability Support

mental-health1With the prevalence of mental illness, workplace complications and conflicts, we understand that some claims need more support. This is why Wellpoint offers a robust approach to both physical and mental health claims, and claims with secondary or tertiary workplace complications. We have a high caliber interdisciplinary network across Canada that can provide all aspects of case assessment and also in some cases treatment, including cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and stress coaching, and facilitated return to work meetings. In addition, we offer the services of a variety of addictions specialists and assessors.

Webinars and Onsite Seminars

mental-health2Managing your mental health and wellness

  • What is Stress?
  • Understanding and Managing Stress
  • Conflict Management
  • Anti-stress Diet
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Understanding Mental Illness
  • Shift Work and Sleep Hygiene
  • Creating a Healthy Culture
  • Mindfulness at Work

Mental Health Series

2 hour sessions focused on the new Canadian Standard for Workplace Mental Health

  • Executive Conversations; Senior Management’s role in De-stigmatizing Mental Illness at Work
  • Manager training; Understanding and Accommodating Mental Illness Return to Work

Helpful Information