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We offer a variety of testing options with the guarantee that all results have been checked for quality and accuracy. Call our office directly at 1-877-374-9079 or email with your booking request or you can BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE

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Types of Drug and/or Alcohol Testing Include

Emergency After Hours Testing

Our emergency line is available 24/7 by calling 1-877-374-9079 to meet your Post-Accident or Reasonable Suspicion testing needs.

Online Web Portal For Results and Reports

We can customize access to our online web portal to suit your needs. Our portal gives you the option to sort your company tests as needed, with the ability to separate by divisions or locations. To set up your web portal access, please email with your request.

Already have access? Click here to go to the login page.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Program Management

Driving across the United States border? We’ve got you covered! We administer a DOT FMCSA program in order to help our clients comply with 49 CFR Parts 40 and 382, including:

Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion (Online / In-house Course)

Our instructor led training provides opportunity for discussion and a number of various scenarios to give participants an opportunity to put into practice the steps for handling reasonable suspicion situations. Regardless of the training method you choose, our goal is to ensure your supervisors know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse in the workplace, and how to handle these situations. Upon completion supervisors will be equipped with the knowledge to confidently manage reasonable suspicion situations in keeping with your company’s Substance Abuse Prevention Policy. To register, please click here.

Employee Drug & Alcohol Awareness (Online / In-house Course)

This session focuses on educating employees about substance use and abuse. We’ll discuss the risk factors for substance abuse and how substance use can progress to substance abuse/dependency. Participants will learn more about the physical and mental effects of drug and alcohol abuse as well as identifying suspected drug or alcohol impairment in the workplace and why it is crucial to report these suspicions to a supervisor. To register your employees, please click here.

Cannabis Information Session (Free Online Course)

Medical Marijuana, pot legalization, Cannabis in the workplace – these phrases have grown in popularity over the past year, and will continue to be a hot topic in the coming months. While much of the anxiety has been rooted in the fear of approaching legal chaos, it is also built on a lack of understanding between employees and employers. Receive exclusive access to our free online Cannabis Information session to learn more about Cannabis and it’s potential value medicinally, Cannabis impairment and most importantly the key elements of an effective substance abuse policy. To register, please click here.