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about-wellpoint-overviewAs one of Canada’s most trusted occupational health and safety companies we provide quality service consistently across the country. Wellpoint Health offers a unique range of services that focuses on keeping your workforce healthy, productive and safe.

Workplace Health

Maintaining a healthy, engaged and productive workplace relies on a number of variables.

A significant health determinant is the employee’s ability to access medical care. When timely care is not accessible for incidents such as minor injuries, the resulting outcomes are increased downtime, absenteeism, and lost productivity. At Wellpoint Health we work with you to ensure compliance and mitigate risk for your employees and your business. From expert industrial medical services to helping create your healthy workplace approach, we come to you, where and when you need us.

Safety Services

All employers are legally obligated to comply with provincial and federal occupational health and safety legislation. We offer industrial fire fighting, first aid & paramedic services that help you stay compliant and keep your most high risk employees safe. We can support your in field locations and partner to provide safety training and support programs.

Disability Support

Employees are an organization’s greatest asset and, as such, when an injury or illness occurs the organization as a whole suffers. Keeping your employees at work and getting your employees back to work both quickly and safely is our top priority.

Disability Management

Assessments and Evaluations

About Us

We care about the health and safety of your employees. Wellpoint Health has 14 offices throughout Canada and a diverse client base that includes all levels of government, and large national and multinational corporations. In Alberta, Wellpoint Health is one of the longest standing vendors to be designated as an Occupational Injury Services (OIS) provider by the Workers’ Compensation Board. Nationally, our presence and expertise is unparalleled. We have assembled one of the industry’s premier occupational health and safety teams comprised of physicians, nurses, psychologists, technicians and medics. We deliver consistent, high-quality service to over 200,000 clients and help our customers realize significant benefits.